Liber Community School Training -Online Recording

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Price $450.00


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Yes, we have made it simple!

Everything you need, to launch your school,

or improve in the areas that need it.


Liber Community School Training Objectives

  1. Define role and expectations of each board member
  2. Train board members in systems for success and accountability
  3. Train you in all 7 parts of the Founding Document for running a successful Liber School

Whether you need to strengthen your existing Liber School or start a new one, this training can help you! You won't want to miss out on this Introductory Price.

Liber Community School Training Details

Where: Online

When: Watch the recording to get trained any time after purchase.

Early Bird Group Rate:  $150 per participant if 2 or more from same school attend.

Early Bird Starting a New School Rate: $150 per participant even if there is only 1 in your group.

Who is this for? Chairperson, board members, leaders, or you, if you want to start a Liber Community School.


You will receive training in the following:

Leadership skills for board members

  • Team Building Practices & Group Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Roles and Duties

Board Management Tools such as:

  • Class rosters
  • Membership tracking
  • Registration
  • Applications
  • Administrative to do lists
  • School budget planner

Liber School Systems such as:

  • Leadership Education Plan
  • Sustainability Practices
  • Financial Practices
  • Building a Liber Culture
  • Governance
  • Best Practices

Includes Liber Community Monthly Calls!

And so much more!

THESE SYSTEMS will make your job easier. Imagine helping the mentors in your school to do their job of inspiring and guiding students through their education while the board administrates with effective systems.

WHY? Because your children are worth it! They are unique. They are gifted. They deserve a leadership education and the best mentors and environment possible

Is there need of another liber school in your community?  This is the perfect training for starting a second liber school in your area.

Note: Both names of “Liber Community School” and “Liber School” are synonymous and will be used interchangeably.

"Terms and Conditions:"

I understand that the Liber Community School™ systems and materials are copyrighted by LEMI.  

I understand that by taking this training I will be receiving training in these systems.  

In order for our school to use any part of the Liber Community School™ system, I realize that all of our board members will need to receive training in these systems over time.  This will ensure the integrity of the Liber School™ and that leadership educational standards will be met.

My school can choose from three training options for training board members if we choose to use any part of the Liber School™ copyrighted systems and materials:

  1. Board members can attend the Liber School™ Training. 

  2. Board members can purchase the recorded Liber School™ Training. 

  3. We can participate in the training system created by LEMI that is set up for the Chairperson and LEMI to train each board member in his or her duties.

I understand that by participating in this pilot training, my feedback about the systems we implement, will be important.  Systems may be improved as we go along because of participant feedback. 

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