Making Connections - eBook PDF(Used to be Inteligro Math)

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Making Connections

(New version of "Inteligro Math" by Tiffany Rhoades Earl

This book is used in Pyramid Project by teachers and students. It provides you with the background and philosophy of this new and amazing perspective to math and science that will light the fire of curiosity in those new to science, and intrigue and challenge those of you who are more experienced with traditional scientific methods.

"This book will motivate youth, and practically anyone, to want to study and understand math and science.  It inspires!  If you know someone who needs to fall in love with math or science, have them read this book."  Oliver Van DeMille, Founder of George Wythe University, and author of A Thomas Jefferson Education 

This book has been changed to "Making Connections" an eBook by Tiffany Earl.

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