Raising a Generation of Innovators – an interactive e-Book

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  • Introduction – Click to begin
  • Chapter 1 – Two Views of Education
  • Chapter 2 – Scholar Projects™
  • Chapter 3 – Design Genius
  • Chapter 4 – Emotional Intelligence
  • Chapter 5 – Spiritual Eyes and Leadership Ladders
  • Chapter 6 – Getting Students into the Learning Zone by Understanding All the Players
  • Chapter 7 – Learning Environments



Raising a Generation of Innovators – an interactive e-Book by Tiffany Earl

This is an interactive e-book.  You get each chapter and the personal reflection questions included with that chapter.  
Be sure to press the submit button at the end of your assessment and your answers will be emailed to you. 
If you close the browser before you pressed submit, any work you have done on the reflection questions will be lost. 
There are 2 ways to read this book.
1. Click on the link to each chapter and read through the material. Then go back to the document and click the next chapter to keep reading.
2. Interacting with the eBook, by clicking on the chapter name and then answering the questions.  
Each time you submit your answers, it will send you to the new chapter and email your answers to you.

A Note from Tiffany to Parents: This work was created for both teachers in a classroom and parents.  
In it we explain many mentoring principles that can help you as you mentor your own children.  
We specifically talk about elements that were used to make up Scholar Projects™, as many of your students are taking Scholar Projects™.  
But if you are a parent reading this and your child is not in a Scholar Project™, the principles can still be applied in how you mentor in your home.  
For instance, in Chapter 5 we talk about the Leadership Ladders and how they can help us find our student's roadblocks.  
You can apply the principle of finding your child's roadblock no matter what educational setting they are in. 
 In fact, you can use the Leadership Ladders to find your own roadblocks in life.  
In Chapter 6 we talk about how understanding your role as a parent mentor is crucial in your child's development.

These principles are universal and timeless, so please don't let the fact that we used these principles as we developed the Scholar Projects™
stop you from using these principles in your mentoring efforts at home.  
I can promise you, that if you read these chapters, and answer the reflection questions at the end of each chapter, 
your understanding of your role as the parent mentor will increase and you will find new ways to help those you love find happiness and fulfillment.  
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